We are working in partnership with the ironwork section of the Paul Langevin high school in Seyne-sur-Mer (south of France), in order to set up different induction applications. IS FORGE
the tradition of tomorrow.

Innovation for forge

Our forges ISF7200 and ISF24000

IS Forge is driven by a perpetual quest for progress; from our deep desire to make industrial forging accessible to craftmen two innovative forges were born. 

By developing ISF7200 and ISF24000 forges together with French craftsmen, IS Forge meets the needs of blacksmiths by combining innovation and robustness.

Economical, ecological, efficient and designed to last over time, our forges adapt to your needs thanks to their great versatility.

Forge and metal working

Upset forging

Fusion in a crucible

Hot stamping


High temperature heating





Advantages of our forges

Energy efficiency close to 100%

Gain in heating time, at least 5 times faster

Minimal reduction of energy bill of 10 times

No gas or flame

No management of energy stocks

Heats only the material and not the workshop

No external heat production and no smoke

Precise and local heating

Working per unit or production of small series

Compact, easily adaptable on machines (press, etc.) and on your sites

Making your wishes come true!

Coils adapted to the shapes of your pieces!

In order to optimize the heating of your pieces and to be precise during local heating, coils can take all shapes.

Our forges guide you through its intuitive interface so that you can easily make your own coils.


Participate in the adventure IS Forge!

IS Forge launches crowdfunding campaign for ISF7200

Pre-order your ISF 7200 forge during this crowdfunding campaign to get a special offer.

You will receive your forge in a wooden case for better security.

The aim of this campaign is to reach 10 pre-orders.

The campaign will start on 02/10/21 during Coutellia international knife festival.

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