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 A 3-step process

To differentiate yourself and stay one step ahead of your competitors: induction 4.0 in your machine to replace traditional heating systems.  An approach supported by 30 years of experience in R&D and launching new products. 



Travail en commun pour estimer le gain d’usage et TCO*.

Proof of concept (POC)

We make a prototype to validate technical feasibility and business viability.

Sales and production (S & Op)

Production planning and sales forecasting, continuous improvement.

Our success stories

An induction vending machine of frozen regional dishes. We developed a system that allowed to cut heating time in half, with self-regulated heat and repeatability less than 1°C. The heating element is a simple removable plate that can be machinewashed.

An induction product for a medical device. We developed a system that wirelessly transmits energy to a prosthesis located under several thicknesses of muscles. The product is the size of hand luggage, despite a reactive power of 125,000VA, which complies with UL medical standards.

An induction thermosealer. We were chosen for our responsiveness and our ability to work hand-in-hand with customers for engineering and design. A continuous improvement approach allows us to regularly improve the quality of products in terms of design, reliability and compliance with European DBT and CEM standards.

An inductionshrinkfittingmachine. In a very competitive world where induction was already established, we provided solutions for our customersto get ahead. Wecame up witha contactless identification system for precise temperature control.Naturally,itcomplies with European standards, including Directive 2013/35/ EU.

ID partner works hand in hand with you on your special purpose machines

Whether it is brazing, soldering, annealing, hot stamping or heat-staking, an induction heating system doesn’t work alone. With our network of local partners, we have the best solution for you. Feel free to discuss it with our technical team.
Interested in working with us as a partner or EPC (engineering procurement commissioning) ? We have easily integrated solutions and a support team that can help you at all times.

Shrink-fitting, tight assembly:
Save time reaching required temperature
Save time on cooling (local heating)
Temperature control
Repeatability of the process
Thread heating, heating of strips and sheets :
High power density
High manufacturing pace
High temperature
Increased yield
Multifunction induction machine, brazing, annealing, partial annealing, tempering:
Process repeatability
Automatic recognition and choice of the appropriate recipe
Rapid inductor change <1min
Automatic operation
Increased manufacturing pace
Induction case and induction trolley from 3.6kW to 36kW:
Easily transportable
Openable and flexible induction coil
Easy to use
Temperature measuring and recording
Adaptability to different parts
Fusion of metal, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, tin…
Fast fusion
Very high temperature
Direct, indirect and mixed heating
Silver and tin brazing :
Local and precise heating
Repeatability of the process
Precise temperature control
Adaptability to different size parts
Simple to use, semi-automatic
Nanoparticle heating for the medical field, CO2 recycling:
Uniform magnetic field
Fully air-cooled system (without water)
Compact system
Hot stamping, heat-staking, forging, rolling and stamping:
Save time reaching required temperature
Precise heating
Embedded on a press, a matrix a mold...
No heating of the environment, so the workshop stays comfortable
Save energy, no waste
Induction curing, paint drying, glue or paint cleaning, quick drying:
Fast heating
Temperature control
Heating through glues and paint
Quick recipe change
Shrink-fitting, On-site maintenance :
Save time reaching required temperature
Save time on cooling (local heating)
Temperature control
Repeatability of the process
Litz wire inductors:
High yield, up to 98%
Flexible, rigid or semi-rigid
No water circuit, natural convection cooling
No maintenance
Easy to handle
Easily integrated onto a robotic arm, an existing machine…
Modular system of 12kW or 24kW:
Can be combined up to 100kW
Easily integrated to an installation
Multizone heating

shrink fitting / onsite service and maintenance

Shrink fitting is an assembly of two parts by tight fitting. It is generally used for torque transmission or to reduce the cost of machining.

No risk of chips, unlike with press assembly.

Resistance to bending, compression and rotation.

No risk of deformation.

Hot shrink fitting is not hazardous like shrink fitting with liquid nitrogen.

Localized heating allows for faster cooling.

Centering: a few microns.

Easy dissassembly of press-fitted parts.

Check out how we can help you

  • Assemble-to-order (ATO) 
  • Onsite installation and service
  • A shrink fitting kit with its own storage system
  • A heating system integrated into a machine

Some tips for shrink fitting

  • Bores must be chamfered
  • Small parts are much more difficult to shrink fit: they have low thermal inertia, and for the smallest of them the assembly or disassembly must be carried out in less than a second. Guidance and synchronization with the heating system may then be necessary.
  • For larger parts, the time available to perform shrink fitting can reach several tens of seconds, but in general, guidance remains a key point.The bored  part can be heated from the outside, which is the economical solution. From the underside for example for cogs, and also from the inside, its much more expensive. The inductor must also adapt to bore diameter, but and sometimes its the only solution.

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