The fossil fuel market is highly disrupted: soaring energy prices, supply insecurityAt the same time the consequences of the climate crisis are becoming increasingly evident and many companies are already subject to the rules of EU green taxation. Considering all the factors, new investments in equipment using fossil fuels could be risky.

Today industries aim to diversify their energy sources and achieve the energy mix, some of them wish to completely eliminate the use of gas.

In order to address the problem the European Union is extending financial support measures for solutions aimed at industry decarbonation to achieve a climate-neutral economy.

The induction and above all the know-how of ID Partner make it possible to:

  • Respond to the need for flexibility on the electricity market
  • Use only electrical energy
  • Change from 20°C to 400°C without modification in equipment
  • Save 30% of energy on cyclic applications

This is why our solutions meet the eligibility criteria of multiple national and European calls for projects.

We can accompany you in the preparation of your funding application.

More about the EU climate strategy: